Exercise is a vital part of my life. I am not sure why this is so, but I think there are worse habits one can choose. I am convinced that physical activity and exercise are neccesary for every human individual to stay healthy. While in the natural environment that humans lived in for most of their evolutionary history there was no choice but to be active, it is a challenge to integrate physical activity in our modern technological environment. For me, exercise is a great way to improve my mood, socialize (and compete) with others and gain experience about and beyond myself, which to some extent even makes it a part of psychological hygiene or spirituality.

My favorite form of exercise is weight lifting and triathlon. I would describe myselve as ambitious within the possibilities that I have besides my work and social life, although with age the ambition has started to decrease compared to my young years as a student. Nevertheless, the more one ages, the more important it is to exercise, and I find formulating goals and taking part in competitions a great help to maintain a regular training routine.